Voices from the inbetween

damious said:

How did you feel when you first said the words "I love you" to someone? Were you nervous? Scared? Overjoyed? How about when someone said it to you?


I don’t remember the first time I said it because I was like 14! I usually wait for the guy to say it because I get so so nervous but i’m pretty sure with chris i said it first, i just get ridiculous butterflies

honesty hour, answering everything~

Omg do you not remember I made a point of not saying it because I knew you were waiting for me :’)


i don’t even care my boobies look uuuuuhmazing
borninthearcade said:

kitchen stuff like a deep pan to boil rice, eggs , pasta that stuff and a frying pan, spatula , wooden spoon, oven/baking trays, a sieve, maybe a mixing bowl, all depends what you'll be cooking really

Wow that’s basically the whole kitchen bloody hell. I guess you forget how much you actually use until a time like this :’)